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What does Garnishment mean?

Garnishment is the act of directing a business that is holding funds (such as a bank) or who is about to pay wages (such as an employer) to an individual who allegedly owes money to someone else to place a freeze on that money and distribute it to a creditor. Garnishing funds is also a warning to the party who is holding the funds (the Garnishee) not to pay them, and to inform the Court as to how much money is being held. If the garnishee (such as a bank or employer) should mistakenly give the money to the individual who is the account owner or employee, the Garnishee will be liable to pay the creditor what it had coming, up to the amount of the funds that were held by the Garnishee.

There are two types of garnishments that arise more frequently than others… bank account garnishments and wage garnishments.  Let’s start with the easy one… wage garnishments.  In Pennsylvania, wage garnishment cannot occur except under very limited circumstances, usually related to student loans, taxes, or spousal/child support.  A creditor cannot garnish wages in PA.

The more difficult one, bank account garnishments.  A creditor can garnish a bank account IF it obtains a judgment against you in a court of law. They have to beat you first before they can garnish.  A spousal bank account cannot be garnished unless the creditor obtains a judgment against both husband and wife ( very rare in credit card cases).  Any other joint bank account (parent/child, friend/friend, sibling) can be garnished IF the creditor first obtains a judgment.

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