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What a week!

This was a very good week for our firm.  We obtained 4 non-jury verdicts this week on credit card cases.  All of the cases commenced at the Arbitration level of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County. We won all of the hearings at the Arbitration level, and the debt collectors filed appeals on all of the cases. The hearings on these appeals were heard this week and we won every single case! 

To be fair, its really not a suprise when we win a case, it happens so often, but 4 in one week is pretty good!

Credit Card Lawsuits

If you are faced with a credit card lawsuit, whether its an original creditor or a junk debt buyer, contact my office at 412-823-8003 right away. We offer a free, no obligation review of any credit card based lawsuit that is filed in PA.

FDCPA Attorneys

Many Debt Collectors threaten people, that's a fact. Threats of wage garnishment, jail, fraud charges and contacting employers, friends and relatives happens every day to people just like you. The truth is that most of these threats are illegal. If a debt collector is threatening you, contact our office at 412-823-8003 for a free initial consultation.