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Credit Card Lawsuits – What NOT to do!

The sheriff arrives at your door with papers, or, the mailman asks you to sign for a certified letter.  Uh oh, you have just been served with a credit card lawsuit.  What do you do now?  Let’s start with what you should NOT do… with number one on the list being: ignore the lawsuit.  You can’t pretend that you didn’t receive it, and you cannot hope that it will go away on its own, because it won’t. Number two, do not call the creditor.  This is a huge mistake that many people make.  You are not a negotiator, (well, chances are that you are not a negotiator) so you shouldn’t speak to the creditor (in addition, you might be better off defending the lawsuit than negotiating it).  Number three, do not call a debt settlement company.  As we have mentioned in other posts, every single debt reduction or debt settlement company that we have encountered has either been in a best case scenario a company that grossly overcharges and in a worst case scenario a complete scam.

So what do you do?  Call a consumer attorney.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this isn’t everyone’s first choice.  My office offers a free initial consultation on a credit card lawsuit, as do most other reputable consumer law firms.  Let an attorney who deals with this sort of issue on a daily basis review your lawsuit.  I will tell you if you should defend the case, negotiate, or take another action.  Certain cases should absolutely be defended, and others absolutely should be negotiated.  A good consumer attorney can usually make this judgment in a few short minutes.  Take the time and contact our office or the office of another consumer attorney if you are faced with a credit card lawsuit.  412-823-8003 or 1-888-536-6644 for a free consultation.

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District Justice Lawsuits

There has been a growing trend with the collection agencies towards filing their credit card lawsuits at the local magistrate or district justice.  My belief is that this is a cost savings measure on their part.  Statistics show that approximately 85% of the people who are sued by collection agencies on credit card debt do not defend themselves.  The cost savings for the collection agencies works like this:  At the DJ level, there is no hearing unless the defendant notifies the court that they intend to defend the case and would like a hearing.  In other words, if the plaintiff (collection agency) files a lawsuit at the local DJ, and the defendant fails to respond, then the DJ automatically enters judgment against the Defendant, without even having a hearing.  The plaintiff company does not need to send a representative/attorney to court in this instance.

Our best advise, obviously, is to have a consumer attorney representing your interests even at the district justice level, whether its our firm or another firm.  As we have mentioned in previous posts, collection agencies are rarely prepared to do battle at the district justice level and our chances of success are extremely high.  If you are facing a collection agency or credit card lawsuit, please contact our office at 412-823-8003 or 1-888-536-6644 for a free case review.

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Super Lawyer! Rising Star 2011

Morrow and Artim, P.C, is pleased to announce that founding partner, Gregory T. Artim, Esquire has been named to the Pennsylvania Rising Stars list as one of the top attorneys in Pennsylvania for 2011.  No more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the state are selected to the list.

Super Lawyers, a Thompson Reuters business, is a rating service of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.  The annual selections are made using a rigorous multi-phased process that includes a statewide survey of lawyers, an independent research evaluation of candidates, and peer reviews by practice area.

The Super Lawyers lists are published nationwide in Super Lawyers magazines and in leading city and regional magazines across the country.  Super Lawyers magazines also feature editorial profiles of attorneys who embody excellence in the practice of law.  For more information about Super Lawyers, go to superlawyers.com.

The first Super Lawyers list was published in 1991 and by 2009 the rating service had expanded nationwide.  In February 2010 Super Lawyers was acquired by Thomson Reuters the world’s leading source of intelligent information for business and professionals.

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Credit Card Lawsuits

If you are faced with a credit card lawsuit, whether its an original creditor or a junk debt buyer, contact my office at 412-823-8003 right away. We offer a free, no obligation review of any credit card based lawsuit that is filed in PA.

FDCPA Attorneys

Many Debt Collectors threaten people, that's a fact. Threats of wage garnishment, jail, fraud charges and contacting employers, friends and relatives happens every day to people just like you. The truth is that most of these threats are illegal. If a debt collector is threatening you, contact our office at 412-823-8003 for a free initial consultation.