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Credit Card Lawsuits – DO NOT Represent Yourself

It is amazing to me how many people choose to represent themselves in credit card lawsuits.  I imagine the scenario is this:  get served with a lawsuit, browse google for a few minutes to see how to defend a case, end up in a debtor’s internet chat room, take advice from a McDonald’s employee who happened to make the last post, and then consider yourself a legal expert.  (nothing wrong with the McDonald’s employee, I am just making the point that the person is NOT an attorney).

For the life of me, I cannot understand how somebody without a legal education can think that they can do what we do.  Attorneys have at least 3 solid years of law school, have passed a bar examination, and have hundreds if not thousands of cases of trial experience.  And you think that you can beat one of us?  Amazing.

Now, to get down off of my soap box, yes, it is possible for a non attorney to beat an attorney on a junk debt case.  In those few instances where the debt buyer has zero documentation, those cases are not very difficult to win.  Unfortunately, as we are finding, these buyers are coming up with more and more documentation and are starting to use better collection firms to handle their claims.  This will make it very difficult for a self represented person to prevail on a credit card case.  Remember, the attorney representing the debt buyer does this every day, probably 10-12 hours per day, as his job.  Your one single hour browsing the internet does not qualify you to defend a case.  The part that is so confusing to me is that people would risk thousands of dollars by defending themselves.  You can pay a consumer attorney a few hundred dollars to defend a case to save yourself thousands.  That is the right move, every time, just do it.

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Credit Card Lawsuits

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