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National Collegiate Student Loan Trust

We’ve seen a tremendous influx of filings by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust across Pennsylvania.  National Collegiate Trust (NCT) is a company that buys delinquent private student loan accounts and then tries to collect on those accounts.  We have handled dozens of these cases over the last few months.  They are similar to the defense of credit card lawsuits, which we have been doing for years, in that these cases are based upon documents…and the debt buyer doesn’t always have access to all of the documents.

National Collegiate isn’t just one company or one trust, its a conglomerate consisting of many separate trusts with National Collegiate Funding as the parent company.  We have seen them buy private student loans from PNC Bank, JP Chase, Bank of America, Credit One and a few others.  For the most part, these loans are usually several years old and many of our clients have never made a payment on these loans.  The older the better, when you are working on the defense side like we are.

The lawsuits filed by NCT are generally defective, at least initially.  As mentioned previously, these lawsuits are based upon documents.  Loan agreements, signed applications, terms and conditions, payment histories… these are some of the documents that NCT needs to prevail in a lawsuit against you.  If you have received one of these lawsuits and they have some of these documents, it doesn’t mean that you are going to lose.  To the contrary, you still have a fantastic chance at winning.  Other than documentation, there are numerous defenses that can be presented.

Contact my office for a free consult if you have a National Collegiate case.  If we can help you, we’ll tell you.   If we can’t help you, we’ll also tell you that too.  We don’t beat around the bush simply to have a client retain us.  We tell you the straight truth with all of the facts and let you make an informed decision as to how you want to proceed.


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