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Yet Another Victory!

Today was a very good day for our firm.  We were representing an elderly fellow in court in Pittsburgh today.  FIA card services had filed a lawsuit against him on an alleged credit card account with an alleged $18,000 balance.  At the Arbitration hearing, FIA did not have any documentation, evidence, or witnesses, and thus, was unable to  prove its case against my client.  FIA quickly filed an appeal and a bench trial was scheduled before the judge. 

I made several calls to the opposing attorney in an attempt to obtain the documents that they had.  My phone calls were left unreturned.  At trial this morning, FIA had some apparent documentation, which it had never shared with me, but little else.  They failed to provide a witness to authenticate the documents, and because they were not provided to me beforehand, the documents were inadmissable.  Before the hearing even began, I presented a Motion to Dismiss, which was promptly entered by the judge.  The scoreboard today, my client 1, FIA Card Services 0.

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