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Telephone Communication Protection Act (TCPA)

In 1991, the United States Congress passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”).  The primary goal of the TCPA is to protect individuals from harassing telemarketing phone calls.  More specifically, the TCPA is designed to prevent the annoying pre-recorded calls that you receive from unknown numbers at all hours of the day.  Common pre-recorded messages will sound something like this:

“Congratulations, you qualify for an all-expense paid trip to sunny Florida.  To redeem your gift, press 1.”

“Did you know that you can save on your electric bill?  Press 0 to speak to one of our representatives.”

These pre-recorded messages can be for anything including cruises, utilities, vacations, emergency bracelets, professional services, etc.  If you have received one of these pre-recorded phone calls, you may have a lawsuit against the company who initiated the phone call.  But first, you need to gather more information.  Make sure you capture an image of the caller ID that shows the time, date, and phone number.  You can take a picture with your cell phone, or capture a screen shot.  Next, follow the command prompts by pressing “1,” “0,” or whatever you are directed to do.  Once you are connected to a live person try to get that person’s name and who he or she works for.  Once you have that information, we can start doing the research to determine who called you and whether or not you have a claim.

There is no reason for you to suffer the harassment of telemarketing phone calls.  Thanks to the federal government, you can make money from them, if you gather the right information.  A violation of the TCPA could be worth up to $1,500.00 per phone call.  At Morrow and Artim, P.C., we don’t charge you for our representation, so you only pay us once we prevail.  Our fee would come from the “victory” proceeds.  If you think you are receiving unwanted phone calls of this nature, give us a call.  We will determine whether your case is ready, or what you need to do during the next phone call to secure the claim.

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