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Discover Bank beat down!

We just had a tremendous victory against Discover Bank.  Discover had sued our client in small claims court.  They were not overly prepared and we won convincingly. Discover filed an appeal and immediately commenced discovery.  (Discovery is the process of asking for information about a case, it is very time intensive and detailed).  After answering all of the discovery we patiently waited.  Discover, throughout, kept begging us to settle the case.  While we did discuss it with our client, in great detail, she wanted to move forward with the defense.  After several pre-trial motions by both our firm and the collection firm, the case was set for trial.

Clay Morrow handled the hearing for our firm and went right at the Discover witness.  The witness was grilled by Clay in regards to the accuracy of the statements and the underlying contract.  After a thorough pounding, the witness was rendered un-credible.  Our client held up under heavy cross examination from the Discover attorney.  At the conclusion of evidence, Judge rendered a verdict in our client’s favor.

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